Spiritual Counseling

“Look clearly into the reflections of the infinite mirror of reality for to cultivate greater self-love and self-awareness. Dante offers intuitive counseling sessions to help you explore yourself and open your heart to infinite possibilities. If you are in a process of spiritual awakening and transition or desiring to make positive changes in your life, these sessions can help you to create stability in a changing and chaotic world. Those choosing a path of spiritual awakening use the reflections offered in these sessions to use their own awareness the to expand their understanding of energetic workings the Universe and discover and embody their innate magic and healing abilities. Through an open heart and open mind, Dante offers others support in their own journey of self-healing.

Dante walks a unique and self-created spiritual path that weaves together the teachings and practices of yoga, shamanism, channeling and other modalities. He has worked with many other intuitive healers in developing greater awareness that allows him clear sight in his services. The strong presence of love offered through his spiritual connection and devotion allows those he works with greater opportunity to choose self-love and use it to transform themselves and their realities in powerful ways.”




I have worked with many healing modalities as well as spiritual counselors psychics, and guides. With teachers and through personal study and contemplation I have learned to read and interpret energy fields I’ve offered dry reading sessions in the past and confirmed that I can easily read and interpret the human energy field of someone in person and remotely, and provide accurate guidance and suggestions. However, experience has shown me that while this skill can bring a great “wow” factor, simply offering readings in this way doesn’t consistently lead to lasting change in client’s lives.

In order to truly empower oneself, often people must trust in their own inner knowing and come to their own conclusions. Space-holders, counselors, and coaches facilitate that process by humbly opening their hearts and reflecting back the light and the shadows that clients bring to the surface.

These sessions are offered to those who want a human perspective on their process of spiritual ascension and earthly integration. For those who are interested in the perspective of higher-dimensional beings, I also offer channeling sessions in which you can communicate directly with the Pleiadians and occasionally other spirit guides. In this session I offer my presence and wisdom from my own experience with life, love, spiritual growth, and healing modalities. As you open yourself and uncover the issues and patterns you desire to transform, I may be able to offer intuitive guidance and share what I am perceiving energetically.

These sessions can be of great assistance for those in the process of big transitions in life, whether it is embarking on a new undertaking, ending or beginning a relationship, embarking on a new spiritual or career path, changing to a more healthy lifestyle, or ending cycles of addictive behavior. I am one who has lead a totally unconventional lifestyle, perhaps since my birth in this world. For this reason, my perspective and experience is especially helpful for those who choosing to take “the road less traveled” in some way, and are choosing to trust, to travel, to take risks, to experience psychic phenomena, and to stretch consciousness beyond perceived limits. There are no limitations, there are only beliefs.

When you change your beliefs, you change your reality. I was taught and learned through experience that reality conforms to your description of it, and we limit the life and reality we experience through our own chosen beliefs. I offer a unique perspective that may enable you to see beyond deeply ingrained patterns of thought, and plant new seeds based in love and unlimited potential.

I work with the Pleiadian collective and my own team of guides and guardians, including archangels, ascended beings, and animal spirits. I am in continual communication with these beings, and in sessions they may team up with your own guides and assist in the session. For those it may interest, I am well versed in traditional Western astrology and have been studying both the ancient and new galactic Mayan systems of astrology over the past years, and these tools can be very helpful in some sessions as well.

I have learned many simple yet profound meditations and energy exercises that can be easily taught and learned during the session. These practices can help give you felt experiences that confirm what you reveal and discover during the session, and can be tools for you to continue to raise your own vibration and develop discernment and intuition every day.

While life is very complex and I offer many tools and perspectives in these sessions, the key component that brings the greatest transformation and “upgrades” is simple: love and compassion. We are beings of vibration that can naturally and easily attune to other frequencies. The frequency of Unconditional Love is the most pure frequency in this Universe, and Unconditional Love is the nature of our Source. In simple terms, what I essentially offer is a means to follow my example of more directly develop that connection to Source. We need not seek a path to enlightenment. We only must remove all of the distortions we have placed between ourselves and our Source. As we do, Unconditional Love becomes our continual experience, our manifest lives become reflections of that Unconditional Love, and our intuitive gifts open naturally with clarity and ease. Theses sessions are my service to help others accelerate that process, and this service is a huge and great joy for me.


These sessions can be conducted in person or via phone or Skype.

1 hour session: $111 USD
1 and a half hour session: $144 USD
Two hour session: $177 USD