Heart-to-Heart Presence [“Coaching”]

These sessions are for those who wish for a more human level process, focusing on the heart and emotional body with a verbal and meditative/energetic process of self-empowered transformation. If you need space to talk about deep processes and guidance to make healthy new and empowered choices, these sessions will guide you to construct the story of your life in a new and self-empowered way through receiving Divine love in a heart centered dialogue.Yoga meditation silhouette pose

I of course believe that the guidance of our multi-dimensional allies through channeling is a sure route for healing, and also acknowledge that human presence is more important for some aspects of our process. I also sense that some people are more desiring the level of human connection more than a purely channeled higher dimensional approach.

This session is to allow you to find and discover your own truth.

I will also reflect to you your own blind spots, the parts of your soul you can only see with a mirror. I act as a reflector for both the light and darkness, and through my anchored presence in the heart I hold the space for you to bring expression and love to all parts of yourself. This is a process that allows you to gain immense self-awareness, and discover your pattern of relationship.

Life is based on relationship.

Every relationship is a mirror.

And every relationship is a reflection of our own relationship with ourselves.

We not only have relationships with people, we have relationships with concepts, with activities, with aspects of the world that play out around us. We have a relationship with Source (God, The Universe [Multi-Verse], Spirit, All That Is, Oneness). We have a relationship with money. We have a relationship with our work and with our pleasure, with food, and with plants. We have a relationship with our home, and all of the objects and systems within our life.dreams-mirror

And again, each and every one of these is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves. Ultimately, each of us are Source, Creator. We are One with that Source. Yet we have been conditioned to limit ourselves from fully holding that true radiance of Source, and our awakening is de-conditioning and allowing ourselves to experience ourselves as Divine beings.

We play out the same patterns of relationship in every relationship, and the relationship formed within our “coaching” program is designed to help you see and heal the patterns of relationship you play out by bringing yourself to your sacred heart and feeling deeply, bringing love and presence to all emotions, feelings, patterns, and aspects of your experience. As you allow yourself to truly be yourself, you experience yourself as Source, as God.

I for one have always had issue with the concept of coaching, or at least the name “coaching.” Coaching as a term reminds me of sports, and I hated sports for a variety of reasons (though mostly due to the harsh toxic masculinity of the coaches). I would say that this session most resembles what people who offer life coaching are doing with others, yet through my own unique lens. I call it Heart-to-Heart presence because I find what is most important in any such relationship is deep emotional presence.

Through linking in tele[m]pathic connection, I will feel with you all that you are feeling and hold space for what needs to rise up. This session is a space to truly and completely let it all out if it needs to come out, so that you can fully let love in.

As space is held for this clearing process I will offer you new and improved belief systems. I will do this through playfully empowering you to discover those belief systems. And as you see things from a new perspective you may come to celebrate your own awesome Divine magic!

This process will be intense, fun, and loving. With each session you’ll feel lighter and more clear in your self-understanding and how you process the unfolding of your life.

For those in times of healing crisis these sessions can help you find balance and relief in times of struggle.

hearhearhearMy intuitive gifts are just as turned on when I’m channeling or when I’m in heart centered presence. Like with my channeling work I will receive intuitive information and can guide you to connect with your higher self and use it’s energies to clear your system, and connect with your guides and restructure the mechanics of your soul.
I live a unique lifestyle, and have focused much of my time in developing spiritual gifts and practices and sharing them with the world while at the same time traveling and living with many different kinds of people all over the world. My unique soul-experience makes me a particularly good healer for those who are desiring to begin or continue:

~ Empowering yourself as a healer and lightworker, making powerful connections, and putting your gifts out there!
~ Fine tuning your psychic senses, learning how to preform energy healing or channeling.
~ Practicing psychic healing including crystal healing, sound healing, inter-dimensional communication, dowsing, and astral travel.
~ Developing a healthy lifestyle and healthy body.
~ Stepping into leadership roles within your community.
~ Creating new rules for life and opening to unconventional possibilities,
~ Exploring a lifestyle of travel and spiritual discovery.

These sessions are designed to help you be more of the Divine being you truly are and experience all of your own Divine Love!

Current Prices for Sessions
60 minutes ~ $111 USD
90 minutes ~ $144 USD
120 minutes ~ $177 USD

Book a session by visiting the booking page or emailing dante.filipini@gmail.com!