Embody Your Bliss ~ Channeling/Healing Immersion

Ready for big life changes? Work me over a period of time in order to:

Find a Life Path That Ignites Your Heart ~ Expand Your Consciousness to Higher Dimensions ~ Awaken & Share Your Healing Gifts ~ Create a New Blissful Reality 

This is a program for aspiring souls ready to open their gifts and raise their voices, and make big changes in their lives. This is a program for those on a journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening who desire to awaken their intuition, embody their gifts, experience more love and a greater heart-knowing, transform their relationships and their lives, and find a purposeful sense of flow and grace within the dance of the Universe. This is a program for aspirants who wish to design their own path, and who are ready to drop the old rules and create a better world, starting by doing the deep work to change themselves. At times it may really feel like work; though my intention is do guide you do engage in this journey with the intention of experiencing bliss, love, and joy. Bliss and love are our nature, and the more we let what we love be our greatest guide, the more we embody our full soul essence and mission. I am a guide for you to find your own unique path of remembrance of your blissful nature as a soul beyond your human experience, and bridge that higher dimensional energy into your complex human light, life, and body. We will journey together and use many healing modalities to have a multi-faceted perspective, leading you to greater self-love and self-awareness, healthier relationships, a richer and deeper spiritual life, and a more joyful, fulfilling and purposeful soul journey.

This program may be of assistance to you if you wish to:
~ Make the changes in order to make your dreams into realities.
~ Overcome emotional blockages and the resulting dis-eases, experiencing greater joy, calm, and trust as you live your life with more positive meaning.
~ Transform emphatic over-sensitivity into your greatest healing magic and power.
~ Gain greater self-knowledge and awareness, learn how to listen to your soul and to your body so that you may live in greater alignment.
~ Develop or deepen practices such as meditation and yoga, energy healing, shamanic journeying and astral travel, regression therapy, and channeling.
~ Awaken your intuition and refine your spiritual gifts, especially healing or channeling gifts.
~ Make a transition from one chapter of your life to the next,
~ Learn to have healthier relationships and partnerships; gain tools and knowledge to keep your heart open, clear, and without attachments.
~ Overcome addictive patterns and learn to connect with plants in a deeper spiritual way.
~ Learn to connect with your spirit guides, and “do work” in other realities.
~ Open to more complete self-love and self-empowerment through knowing and experiencing your Divinity.butterfly

You have the potential to totally transform your life and experience inexpressible joy. Through my spiritual journey I have lifted myself from great darkness, from feeling lost and isolated, into a journey of incredible wonder, and synchronicity, where I have been blessed to meet incredible loving souls around the world and incredible beings in other realms. I know this kind of magic is possible for everyone and my greatest joy is in doing my part so that others may awaken and own their magic and spread even more love in this world.

This is a journey of magic and bliss… Though if you feel far from bliss, or perhaps think that perhaps this is too blissed out to be real, let me assure you:  Bliss is not the absence of pain. Bliss is ecstasy that is the result of dropping one’s own resistance to that pain; as all emotions are welcomed with love, they blend in an inner cauldron of transformation that allows the light and darkness to merge into Oneness. We learn to face the shadow within and the shadow without with honesty and patience, aligning ourselves with love so that we may experience greater balance and learn to move into our joy without hiding from our fears and instead facing them with courage. You must be willing to face all of yourself with real love to make real change.

And I cannot make those changes for you, though I most certainly will be a very loving presence, a very clear reflection, a very powerful source of guidance, solace, inspiration, and magical multi-dimensional energies that can support you in your own personal connection to the mysterious Universe and the wondrous being of Love that compose it. I can support you in making deep intentional shifts in your life and discovering a lot about yourself… though you have to do the work.


I suggest that we work together once a week, checking in regularly to help you apply the tools and continue to dive deep with powerful momentum. The schedule can be adjusted to meet your needs and preferences. Sessions are approximately 90 min in length.

12 sessions: $1444 (3 month program)
8 sessions: $999 (2 month program)

I wish for this work to be accessible to all who desire it and are truly ready for it and committed to it. If you are attracted to work with me, yet if you need a payment plan or discount in order to work with me, we will find a happy solution!

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation call to see if this program is right for you by emailing Dante.Filipini@gmail.com or visiting the booking page!

I have been trained as spiritual guide, energy healer, trance channel, ceremonial space-holder, yoga teacher, and sound healer. I have studied a wide-variety of paths and perspectives. I have been traveling around the world studying and teaching for 6 years, and I continue to do so as it expands my perspective and experience and connects me to a very diverse group of clients. I have studied with many human teachers who have helped me to develop many skills and gain understanding, and I have come to connect with my own spirit guides who continue to teach me and guide me along my journey. I am always exploring new modalities and new ways of thought, expanding and refining my understanding. I have healed myself from many limiting patterns and karmic disasters, and through experience gained insight on the healing journey. I have always been a source of solace, healing, and wisdom for those I have met along my journey, and in developing my healing practice over the past 6 years have worked with many different sorts of people with widely different backgrounds. I do not have all the answers though I help others awaken their own intuition and their ability to heal themselves and change their lives. You can read more about me and my journey here.


Throughout this program I will engage with you regularly, ideally once a week. I will open a gentle and loving space for you to be all of yourself, and allow any wounds to heal with compassion and ease. I will help you set clear intentions for what you’d like to gain from our journey together, and we will design a unique program that fits you as a unique soul. The tools we will use may include:

~ Transparent, authentic, and compassionate communication, allowing you to open yourself to more self-love and empowerment through owning and transforming your story.
~ Frequency raising practices and meditations to bring you more into presence, creating more balance and clarity.
~ Guided visualization meditations to help you tune into your subconscious and change patterns and beliefs running beneath the surface, learn to navigate multi-dimensional states of consciousness, and connect deeper with your guides.
~ Deep emotional clearing work, including inner child work or other regression style therapies; reclaiming soul fragments and parts of our inner child who have been suppressed or shamed, so that you may live with more wholeness and joy.
~ Channeled interactions from my Pleiadian guides to access a higher multi-dimensional perspective, and open your channel for more higher-dimensional energies to flow through.
~ Remote energy healing sessions to balance your chakras and repair your aura.
~ Practical guidance for empathing, to turn your tendency to take other people’s “stuff” into a great healing gift.
~ Specific regular practices such as guided meditation, energy healing, channeling, and whatever is your passionate focus, so that you can continue to develop your skills, meditative/healing focus, and spiritual gifts and remain centered, compassionate, and aligned through all aspects of your life.
~ Assistance in developing your own rituals and awakening your magic: love and intention together can create any manifestation you desire! Learn to use magical principles in practical ways.
~ Understand natural laws such as the law of attraction, and tune your vibration to create the life you want most while serving others in profound ways throughout the entire process.
~ Open to a clearer vision of your soul’s mission and the life you most desire, and developing a plan with both magical and practical steps to make that dream a reality.
The journey is unique for every individual, though regardless of where we focus, you will learn, heal, and create in accelerated ways. Here are some basic tenants of a new multi-dimensional understanding you will develop throughout the journey.

“Vibration precedes creation.” 


In This Program You Will Learn to Tune in Your Vibration to Change Your Life

The physical reality manifest before us in each moment is a perfect translation of a vibrational reality, present in higher dimensions. By fine-tuning your awareness, expanding your understanding, and developing meditative focus, you can learn to tap into that vibrational reality and create changes that then manifest in your waking life to be happier and have more of what you want in life.

“What you resist persists.” 

In This Program You Will be Guided to Release Resistance and Come to Embrace All That You Are

The only thing that is is essentially in the way is your own resistance to all that you feel. Our human tendency to rush the process so that everything is all right is one of our greatest impediments in engaging in a process of spiritual transformation. Stuffing down emotions keeps them lodged in our body and recurring within our life. Avoiding conflict magnetizes more of us, and forces us to meet our needs in inauthentic ways. Denying our shadow keeps us living in an illusion. The only path to true freedom is to be truly honest with yourself and others.

Bliss is not the absence of pain. Bliss is ecstasy that is the result of dropping one’s own resistance to that pain; as all emotions are welcomed with love, they blend in an inner cauldron of transformation that allows the light and darkness to merge into Oneness.

The patterns that play out with our health, relationships, finances, creative endeavors, and all the rest are teachings from the Universe. We receive the same lessons until we drop all of our own resistances, and embrace all that is and all that could be. By learning how to confront deep emotions and face them with love, our hearts open to embody true compassion. That compassion allows us to face life with greater equanimity, be a beacon of love and light for those who suffer, and truly make big changes on this planet.

“As within, so without.”

In this program you will gain tools to navigate and change your own subconscious. As you change the patterns and beliefs ruling your life, you will have a much different life experience; one of freedom, joy, and greater connection.

Life around you is a manifestation of your own consciousness. Growing numbers of advanced souls are learning now to turn within before looking to the world outside, and more so to turn within to change what appears outside by making changes inside.

In order to access the subconscious we must turn our focus from the outside world to our inner reality, drop deeply into the body and use the imagination as a tool to decipher and transform the programs that are running on our energetic hardware. Many of these programs need to be un-installed! They take up too much space and energy, and create lower-vibration realities. There are better programs that feel better and create better result and use less energy. In order to live in the upgraded, mutli-dimensional state, all of the old programs have to be witnessed and transformed into better programs based in love and honesty.

You create your own reality, and there are no limitations to what reality you can create. There are only belief systems. As you train your consciousness to go beyond form to a quantum field of infinite possibilities, you will learn how to manifest the life of your dreams through joy.

Using your creative imagination to engage with your subconscious layers, you can easily change your energetic field and through it, change your entire life. All that is required is your belief and your willingness to change, transform, and show up fully tor your process. Magical things are totally possible, and in the new times, miracles are becoming normal for many who have practiced spiritual tools. There is increasing scientific evidence to back up these principles, there are many humans having absolutely incredible lives and very rich spiritual and mystical experiences, and there are many beings in higher dimensions reaching down to our earth plane to help us in the process. If the door to magic and wonder seems locked, only you can create the key through love, belief, intention, and focus. Are you ready to step inside your new reality of bliss? I am an assistant to make the process smoother for you, and I am delighted to be of service.

As your guide I often act as a reflector, and I intend to reflect back to you the love, wisdom, and magic that you have within. I am a wise, wild, weird person who has studied many paths and modalities, and done deep work on myself with my teachers and mentors. I work as a ceremonial space-holder, energy healer, channel, yoga teacher, medicine carrier, and sound healer. I have studied many works of new thought and channeled materials that have helped me get to the point of developing my practice. My spirit guides assist me in gaining access to intuitive information when I work with people, and I can often see deeper behind the veils to discover root causes of recurring life patterns, dis-eases, relationship issues, and emotional imbalances (depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.). Seeing things from a heightened perspective, I will guide you gently to discover these truths and bring awareness to your own core patterns and experience more wholeness. I will help you to develop the insight to make big discoveries about yourself on your own, and guide you to go deeper within to find great healing and self-awareness. I will help you to discover more of yourself, and unleash the aspects of yourself you may keep hidden, or may not even know about at all. I will help you to see clearly your shadows with love, and raise above your fears to make decisions with love. I will help you discover more of what you love the very most, and guide you on your journey of letting that love be the fuel for your incredible soul journey.  You will find trust, empowerment, relief, ease, joy, and a deep inner knowing of your own soul’s majesty. As that knowing settles in your life will change to match the change within, and you may find yourself in a new reality of bliss.

Together we will use tools such as guided meditations, energy healing, channeling, regression and inner child work, and shamanic journeys to help you develop your intuition and use it to guide your life. We will examine your belief systems and use awareness and magic to release all that limits your full expression of yourself. As you transform your beliefs about yourself and about reality, you will come into more effortless alignment with the natural flow of the universe. You will begin to understand universal principles such as the Law of Attraction and learn how to create and understand your life with greater ease. We will confront the roots of emotional patterns and integrate parts of yourself that may be lost or fragmented. You will be guided to make one thing your utmost priority: Love. By allowing what you love the most to be your guide throughout this process, you will engage in an accelerated learning process through which you may get closer to your dreams, and as you all of your stuff in the way will come up; and you’ll be able to face it with support and in a way that brings you a greater sense of self-love and a bigger picture understanding of our human experience in this Universe. You will be challenged, and if you preserve you will be rewarded and your life will be much different from when you began.

By the time I finish working this program with you as a client, I would hope that you have the sense entirely that anything is possible. I would hope that you have accessed more of your intuitive and healing gifts and learned how to nurture yourself and others more. I would hope that you’d have stronger and deeper relationships, and have become more aware what is “their stuff” within a relationship, and what’s not, and how to create harmony with grace. I would hope that you feel totally in bliss, enlightened, grateful, and more stoked for life than ever before.


I am a wild soul with a pioneering spirit. I want to change the way things are done on this planet. I live life freely and and fully. I continuously travel around the world in meeting diverse groups of people while focusing my consciousness to open to magical capabilities! As someone who travels between many cultures and has dipped his toes into many spiritual paths, I challenge all those I meet to stretch what they believe to be possible and find a life path that is unique and fearless.

Helping others be more of themselves is my greatest joy. I love people who can really show up fully to their process with honesty, let others in deep and choose to love, and follow their passions and serve the greater good in their own way.

There are big changes and energetic shifts happening all the time, and I am continuously more and more excited to share my wisdom and healing at this time as I see the profound the changes that people make after working with me. It’s an incredible blessing to be a catalyst for change, and I can guarantee you that working with me will bring about big changes in your life and the lives of those around you if you keep bringing more of your love into the journey each eternal moment of it.