About Danté’s Work

My name is Dante, or Shante. Many names fit me well. My true passion and apiccjoy is in sharing and supporting the collective awakening of this planet!

My work is called “Bliss Beings” for two reasons:

1) I intend to bring together bliss beings in human form! I bring people together and help them to remember that our true nature is BLISS! I am a connector and activator, and to create spaces where we can remember our multi-dimensional nature together is my great mission and joy in this incarnation.

2) I work to channel bliss beings from higher realities, bridging the worlds so that our frequency can raise closer to their frequency. I am a channel, and the multi-dimensional beings I work come from a realm of pure love and bliss. The frequency that they transmit helps me and those I work with to immerse themselves in that loving frequency and use it for healing, empowerment, the discovery of new knowledge, and the power to change and attract what one’s heart truly desires.

I have been inspired to travel the world. I was always sensitive, creative and “living in my own world.” As a child I pondered the mystical and the otherworldly became my reality as I became an adult. My spiritual awakening happened suddenly and I decided to travel to Mexico, and ended up in Guatemala where I studied with shaman and found a supportive community for me to learn and develop my gifts as a healer, intuitive, and a channel.

I am working for the greater good of the collective by serving individuals in their own process of spiritual and multi-dimensional awakening. I also bring together groups of people around the world for cacao ceremonies and channeling sessions.

The space I create is one of deep connection to Source. We experience Source Energy through Unconditional Love. It is this presence rooted in Unconditional Love that is changing the planet.

When we allow all of our focus to move in the direction of that Unconditional Love we naturally become enlightened. We come to make all our decisions based on what is most loving for ourselves and others and our lives change to reflect that Unconditional Love.

I am working on waking the planet up in all moments through continuously choosing what is most loving and actively spreading the energy of love to all I meet. Everyone I connect with has a place in my heart.

The most exciting and potent way I help others connect with their own Loving Higher Self is through channeling. As I began working with energy healing, meditation, and other spiritual practices my guides began to enter into my reality much more.

I work with beings from many realms. My main spiritual guides come from the Pleiades star-system. The Pleiadians are our closest non-hybrid galactic relatives, in a way very much like our star-siblings. When I channel, my Pleiadian soul aspects merge temporarily with my energy body and they borrow my voice. As our energies interact, the Pleiadians also begin to interact with and transmit energies to those who are speaking to the Pleiadians through me as a channel and all who are listening. The energies the Pleiadians transmit are always present whenever one listens to a past-recording of a channeling session, though having a one-to-one channeling experience allows one to go very deep to personal layers.

The Pleiadians, and other multi-dimencrop circle2sional bliss beings, are helping us evolve more rapidly. These are times on the planet where humanity is ascending. We are both becoming an enlightened race and preparing our planet for visitors. The veils between dimensions are increasingly thin. The ego-patterns that have both kept us in lower-emotional states and prevented our full immersion in higher-dimensional frequencies are being pushed to the surface more rapidly so we can finally release the pain of the past to allow in the future. It is a challenging process, though it is a blissful process when one surrenders to what is and chooses to focus on the love of Source and the potential to embody love and greatness.

Beyond the Pleiadians I am in contact with other extra-terrestrial groups including the Arcturians, the Hathors, the Sirians, and the hyrbrid races including the Sassani and YahYel. The Arcturians have supported my work as an energy healer since I began and their presence became more known to me over time. Their loving support always surrounds me and supports those who work with me. The Hathors are mystical beings that keep my life fun and creative, and they often borrow my voice during the sound healing journeys I lead.

I am also in contact with the angelic realms and channel their frequency for healing. I am a teacher of an angelic healing modality known as IET that supports the healing of cellular trauma and the ability to create one’s reality through channeling angelic frequency. These loving and supportive beings often come through in my work. As well, I am connected with nature spirits or elemental. I am discovering more of this realm all the time and I find it very exciting! Other guides that are a part of my team include power animal spirits and ascended masters.

Beyond my work as a channel I am as a human alone am a very powerful space-holder for loving transformation. I hold the frequency of love from my Higher Self in the core of my being and share it as best as I can with all of whom I meet. Through my open and compassionate presence I offer others the space to unravel and release their past pain and clearly set their focus upon their heart’s desires.

The loving and compassionate space I offer allows those I work with to expand through coming into more complete self-expression. This process works through reflection, and I reflect back to clients their own love and power, as well as the parts of you that one cannot see on one’s own, both of light and darkness. This increase in your own self-awareness brings out the best in you so you can live with more love and empowerment. These reflections bring you to find one’s own inner truth and let it lead you through your life with more joy and ease.

I also often help others face the shadow, the pain that has been repressed and is seeking its expression so that one can feel more complete and whole, no longer burdened by the past. These denser emotional energies often simply need to be felt and expressed, and with trustworthy and supportive space these energies can move.

I have learned many magical tools to help release the emotional burden of the past and integrate positive frequencies that allow individuals to make big changes in their lives. I am very experienced in many forms of guided meditation, and the Pleiadians and my Higher Self guide specific meditative journeys designed individually to help people access their own inner realms as well as connect with their loving guides.

I am also a very experienced energy worker. I am a Master-Teacher of both Reiki and IET and have worked with other energy healing modalities including Sekhem and Theta Healing. My guides show me new intuitive ways to work with clearing the energy field of my clients. When I do energy work session, many multi-dimensional beings connect with me and my clients to support their body in coming into balance. They work on different chakras, organs, and subtle energy centers and relay information to me as the healing takes place. These healing sessions are deep and profound and bring great love, well-being, and clear insight.

One of my great passions is in working with groups where these practices reach whole new levels. The more that gather with intentions for healing and spiritual growth, the greater the expansion. The same work that I do soul-to-soul is even more miraculous and joyous when many souls gather!

I am expanding the scope of my vision all the time and I’m very enthused to see where this journey carries me!