Personal Healing Services

I have a wide and diverse range of experience with the field of spiritual healing; my life and services include many different modalities including yoga and meditation, healthy lifestyle and diet, energy healing, sound therapy, channeling and inter-dimensional communication, as well as shamanic practices and plant medicine magic. I am a Kundalini yoga practitioner, certified yoga teacher, and a certified Master/Teacher of Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy)®. I have learned with wise and experienced shamanic practitioners and attended seminars with new spiritual teachers of this time including Benthino Massaro and Teal Swan. For over 7 years my life has been fully focused in the direction of evolving spiritually and creating a better planet; through this process I have worked with people from a huge variety of different backgrounds and helped them move through big transitions in their lives and open to find the true flow of their hearts. I am continuously learning and growing through joyous devotion and loving commitment to spiritual evolution and the creation of harmony on this planet.

The sessions I offer are opportunities to relax deep within yourself and access your own space of heart knowing in order to bring light into the darkness and step into your power. These sessions can help you if you want to bring more support to your own process of:

✷ Cultivating Greater Self-Love ✷ Developing Awareness of the Energy Body/Emotional Body ✷ Finding Peace of Mind & Happiness ✷ Creating Healthy Relationships ✷ Releasing Anxiety, Fear, & Trauma ✷ Healing Addictive Tendencies ✷ Integrating the Inner Child ✷ Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies ✷ Learning to Meditate and Quiet the Mind ✷ Connecting with Spirit Guides ✷ Processing Loss & Grief ✷ Cutting Chords with Toxic Relationships & Entities ✷ Manifesting Desires ✷ Understanding Universal Laws✷Finding Focus and Passion in Life ✷ Opening to Channel ✷ Healing Spirit “Homesickness” & Arriving in the Body Fully ✷ Embodying One’s Soul Purpose ✷



✷ Spiritual Counseling

If you are going through transitions and transformations in your life and want to make the changes within yourself that will allow the mirror of reality to reflect to you greater self-love, this session will help you to gain greater self-awareness, gain tools to empower yourself and develop healthier relationship and fulfilling creative expression. Through direct soul communication, more of your own essence will shine forth through you, and our Higher Selves will come together and show you how powerful you truly are. We may explore the themes you are currently unraveling and dig to the root of stories and dramas that play out in your life again and again. We may restructure your energy body through exploring your subconscious. Guided meditations to help you connect with your spirit guides, inner archetypes, and your inner-child may be a part of this process. These sessions meet the needs of clients exactly where they are at, and open the portal to more self-love, empowerment, and integration. I act as a reflector for you to access the wisdom, love, and power that’s infinite, and already with you in your heart!

These sessions can be conducted both in person and online via Skype.

✷ Vocal Channeling

channelingeyesIn this session, together we will attune to higher dimensional beings and our own spirit guides. I will enter into a light trance where the Pleiadian group will speak through me. You can answer any questions from metaphysical to mundane, and receive answers from these wise higher dimensional beings, who are essentially other aspects of our own souls with immense love and knowledge to impart to us. Higher-dimensional beings like the Pleiadians are highly perceptive and have direct knowledge; they can help you discover the root of some blockages, the question behind the question, and demonstrate how vast you truly are, how connected to the web of life you truly are, and just how much love and support there is for you. Check out the channeled writing and videos to tune into the frequency of these beings.


These sessions can be conducted in person and via Skype. Counselling and channeling sessions can be combined together into one session for people who would like both guidance at a personal level and channeled wisdom from the Pleiadian guides.

✷ Vibrational Healing

Relax and lay back and simply receive support through light touch, energetic transference,  and sound healing through light and serene instruments and voice. This session may include guided meditations (potentially including shamanic journeys and past-life regressions) that take you deeper within yourself, to sanctuaries within your own consciousness where all of the answers and healing are already there for you to remember and embody. This session will take you into a light trance, and you will experience uplifting sensations and emotional catharsis as the energies that work with us will help you to restructure your energetic anatomy. As an intuitive prson I will tap into information from working with your energy body that I can share with you to help you use this session to make positive changes.

Vibrational healing sessions are only held in person, and can be fused with both counselling sessions or channeling sessions.LIBERATION-023

✷Remote Energy Healing & Akashic Reading Sessions

These sessions are remote energy healing sessions, similar to distance Reiki sessions. These sessions are recommended for those who merely desire a brief tune-up and simple suggestions to shift into greater alignment with Source. I preform a distance energy healing session and transfer to you light codes and healing vibrations. During the session I receive information, images, symbols, and messages for you that I write down and send to you. These sessions are invitations to look within and to know yourself and love yourself even more.LIBERATION-020

These sessions are only conducted for clients online.